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Tax & Client Advisory Services

We are a Tax Advisory Service (TAS) firm that offers a service package to clients through subscription pricing.  What are TAS services?  Income tax preparation, tax planning and tax projection services.  In addition, we keep our dialogue open.  When you have a tax related question, you do not have to worry about a time clock and a bill at the end of the month.  We are here to relieve you of the anxiety inherently related to income taxes.

If you have a business (whether being self employed or a separately taxed entity), we also offer Client Advisory Services (CAS).  CAS is in addition to TAS and may include services like bookkeeping, payroll, business consulting, or temporary controller services.  When a company does not have the business activity or capacity to warrant a full time bookkeeper or accountant on staff, we are here to help.

These service options allow us to deliver client directed, value added services for a flat monthly fee.  It is service with no surprises!

We are only accepting new clients through a TAS/CAS subscription agreement.

Monthly or Quarterly Meeting

  Save money on taxes
  File Tax returns

  Tax Planning
  Decide on Tax Positions
  Implement Tax Strategies
  Estimate Taxes Owed
  Prepare Quarterly Estimates
  File annual Tax Returns

What are Tax Advisory Services (TAS)?

*** In addition to TAS items ***

Weekly or Monthly Meeting

  Increase Revenue
  Increase Profit
  Increase Business Valuation

  Monthly Bookkeeping
  Payroll Services
  Controller Services


What are Client Advisory Services (CAS)?

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